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Woodworking Tool News - Fully Adjustable Fence


Carter MagFence II

By Brad Holden

If you've been thinking about replacing your bandsaw’s stock fence, it doesn’t get any easier than switching to the Carter MagFence II. There’s no retrofitting or making sure you have the right hardware for your particular saw. Just stick on the MagFence II and you’re ready to go.

Two built-in MagSwitches—magnets with on/off switches—provide the stickum. Turning them on solidly adheres the MagFence II to any cast-iron surface. Turning them off stops the magnetic attraction, so you can remove or reposition the fence. It’s easy. Adjusting for drift angle is also a piece of cake, because the fence has no guide rail to restrict its positioning.

To accommodate any size bandsaw table, the fence has four mounting positions for the MagSwitches. The only limitation is that the table must be made of cast iron; this fence won’t stick to aluminum. Since the MagSwitches are removable, you can use them in homemade jigs or any 30mm Magswitch jig.

The MagFence II measures 3" x 15". Its extruded aluminum fence is equipped with T-track for attaching jigs or featherboards. Plastic wear faces for resawing are available in 3" and 5" heights.



Carter Products,, 888.622.7837, MagFence II Next Gen Magnetic Fence, #MF-II; 3" Sacrificial Wear Face, #MF2-SWF3; 5” Sacrificial Wear Face, #MF2-SWF5.