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Woodworking Tool News - Multipurpose Clamp Aids


Multipurpose Clamp Aids

By Brad Holden

The "universal clamping block" really lives up to its name. It’s just a flat aluminum bar with a loop on one end, yet it can be used to clamp a mitered frame, a workpiece on a drill press, the sides of a mitered cabinet and more. It’s the kind of simple tool that makes you mutter, “Why didn’t I think of that?”

Let’s look at the mitered frame operation. You can put direct pressure across a joint of almost any angle using two Universal Clamping Blocks, due to their round loops. A series of ridges on the Blocks keep them from slipping. Of course, the ridges may dent your wood, in which case you just slip a neoprene pad between the Block and the workpiece. (Pads are included with the Blocks.)

On a drill press, the Blocks work like cantilevered hold-downs. You’ll just need to add T-bolts and knobs, which aren’t included. As for the cabinet with long miters, here’s where the hole in the loop comes in—it’s for a 3/4" o.d. pipe. To clamp that joint, you slide a number of Blocks onto the pipe, then clamp the outer blocks to the cabinet. To see how this works, and many other clever applications, visit the manufacturer’s website listed below.



Blokkz,, 714-267-8440, 2 Universal Clamping Blocks (includes 2 neoprene pads), #UCB5R20.