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Woodworking Tool News - Rabbeting Bit Accessory


Rabbeting Bit Accessory

By Brad Holden

I got in a pickle the other day when I needed to rout a curved rabbet that was 9/32" wide. None of the bearings with my rabbet bit set would work. There’s a classic solution to this problem: You can place a bearing—of any outside dimension—on the shaft of a rabbeting bit, then hold the bearing in place with a locking collar from Whiteside, the bit manufacturer. Ride the bearing against a template and you’re all set.

Locking collars are available for 1/4" or 1/2" shank bits. Bearings with a 1/4" or 1/2" ID and ODs of many different sizes are available from McMaster-Carr (



Whiteside Machine Co.,, 800-225-3928, Bearing Lock Collar 1/4", #LC-1/4, $3; Bearing Lock Collar 1/2", #LC-1/2, $3.