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Precision Trimming Jig


Precision Trimming Jig

Make perfectly flush joints on large pieces of edged plywood with this portable jig. Glue on your edging so it’s anywhere from 1/16-in. to 1/8-in. proud of the plywood. (You don’t have to be fussy because a router will cut through the excess in no time.)

You can use any size straight bit with this jig, but to cut wide edging in one pass, go with a mortising or dado bit. They’re both designed to make extremely smooth surfaces.

To set up the jig, lower the router bit until it’s flush with the bottom. Then turn the jig over, turn on the router and run the fence along the edging. The long arm of the jig acts as a counterweight to balance the router.

There’s a catch, though: if you’re edging three or four sides of one panel, you’ll have to glue and trim them one at a time.This jig won’t cut into a corner!


Note: Product availability and prices are subject to change.

Woodworker’s Supply, 800-645-9292, Freud mortising bits, 1/2-in. to 1-1/4-in. dia.

This story originally appeared in American Woodworker June 2001, issue #87.

June 2001, issue #87

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