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Glove Finger Chisel Protectors


Glove Finger Chisel Protectors

My chisels used to get dull and rusty rattling around in my toolbox. No more! I found a clever way to protect them. I cut the fingers off some old leather work gloves.Then I poked holes with an awl and threaded a drawstring through the holes. Now I just slide the chisel blades into the “pocket” and close it tight with the drawstring.

I found that by drizzling some 3-In- One oil into the pockets, the oil soaks into the leather and ends up rubbing off on the chisels. Now the chisels don’t rust any more either! I wipe the chisels with a clean cloth before use so the oil won’t contaminate my wood.

This story originally appeared in American Woodworker June 2001, issue #87.

June 2001, issue #87

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