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Woodworking Tool News - Lamello Classic X Biscuit Joiner


Lamello Classic X Biscuit Joiner

Colonial Saw Company, America's distributor of Lamello precision Swiss power tools and wood joining systems, is proud to announce that the Lamello Classic X Biscuit Joiner—part of Lamello’s next generation in biscuit joiners—will come in a Limited Edition Lamello sturdy wooden case at no additional charge plus a FREE box of 700 #20 biscuits (total value of $140.00). The promotion begins November 11th and will run until December 31, 2013. New features of the Classic X include flush base plate on both sides and a 780-watt powerful motor. A versatile biscuit joiner, Classic X currently installs 15 different Lamello joining elements, and it offers four additional applications besides biscuit and connector joining—1) cutting of grooves for tongue and groove connections, 2) ability to cut expansion gaps for wood ceilings and floors, 3) wood repairing of resin pockets and small defects and 4) trimming of solid wood or plastic edges.

One of the new features of the Classic X is that the swiveling front stop and the front stop square are now designed to be flush on both sides of the machine. This first ever flush base plate in a Classic machine allows for easy and fast alignment of the Classic X machine to the side of the work piece in all positions including tight corners. The scales for angle and height adjustment have been moved so that both are in clear view for the operator. The base plate is still equipped, however, with Lamello’s same proven slide system to ensure life long accuracy in rendering precise parallel grooves for perfect alignment of the work pieces. Flat application on the work piece is guaranteed by the precision-machined reference surfaces on the base plate. The results are perfectly cut and matching work pieces. The new multifunctional stop square with precise guidance can be slid onto the base plate, making the application surface larger for more accurate vertical use. It also allows for perfect alignment of the outside edge of up to 135-degree miter joints in work pieces of varying thickness.

The new 780-Watt motor powerful motor ensures even faster precision groove cutting in all materials. Its new ergonomic slick design allows for easier handling. This next generation in biscuit joiner motors is very easy to maintain and repair. Spare parts such as carbon brushes, switches or electronic parts are easily changed without tools by simply pulling off the motor cap.

The Classic X System includes machine, a precision carbide tipped cutter, suction stub, stop square, 4 mm spacer, set of tools, manual and a sturdy wooden Lamello case—all for the same price as the Classic X with cardboard case of $599.00.