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  • Dream Sharpening Machine

    by AW-Editor     Thursday, January 29, 2009
    "What? A $600 machine that just sharpens hand tools?" That's the reaction I've heard when introducing my pals to the latest in sandpaper-sharpening technology, the Lap-Sharp LS-200. It's the brainchild of a single-minded engineer...
  • Waterstones

    by American Woodworker Editors     Thursday, August 6, 2009
    Hone an incredibly sharp edge with a $35 combo stone. by Tom Caspar For this woodworker, it doesn’t get any better than using a sharp hand tool. Not just kind of sharp, the way new tools come out of the box. I mean really, really sharp, with an...
  • Veritas Planes

    by American Woodworker Editors     Tuesday, January 19, 2010
    A great value in premium hand tools by Tom Caspar “I’m really getting the itch to use good hand tools, so what kind of plane should I buy?” I’ve answered that question for years by urging students in my Unplugged Woodshop class...
  • Well-Equipped Shop - Premium Blade Set

    by American Woodworker Editors     Wednesday, January 12, 2011
    Premium Blade Set Upgrading a blade and chipbreaker can turn a pretty good plane into a dream tool. If you’ve been thinking about buying a premium plane, here’s an alternative plan: Get an old Stanley, tune it up, and replace its blade and...
  • Sandpaper Power Sharpening System

    by AW-Editor     Sunday, June 29, 2008
    An excellent sharpening system has just gotten better and cheaper! The Veritas Mark II ($300) sharpens chisels, plane irons, carving gouges and V-tools incredibly fast with a minimum of fuss. The Mark II is a simpler version of the Mark I, a sharpening...
  • Well-Equipped Shop - Veritas Small Scraping Plane

    by American Woodworker Editors     Monday, July 19, 2010
    Small Scraping Plane Sometimes a wood grain’s direction is so unruly that planing just gets you in trouble–tearout is inevitable. Faced with this situation, the hand tool to pick up is a scraper. A card scraper is fine for small areas, but...
  • Mini Router Plane

    by AW-Editor     Thursday, May 15, 2008
    Sometimes setting up a big electric router to do a small job is like swatting flies with a backhoe. What you may prefer, of course, is a simple hand tool that gets the job done with a minimum of fuss. The Veritas Small Router Plane, is just such a tool...
  • Four-Star Honing Guide

    by AW-Editor     Friday, May 9, 2008
    The new Pinnacle Honing Guide ($99.99) consistently provides excellent sharpening results with both chisels and plane irons. The guide consists of a sled that travels on a pair of rails. Lock nuts within the rails allow mounting the guide on almost any...
  • Sharp Edges–Fast

    by AW-Editor     Sunday, May 11, 2008
    Raise your hand if you've ever had a difficult time sharpening chisels, plane irons, or carving tools. Okay, that's just about everyone. Now take a close look at these amazing new machines from Professional Tool Manufacturing—they'll...
  • Plane Stand

    by American Woodworker Editors     Thursday, July 22, 2010
    Every so often I need to plane down a piece of wood that is too small for my jointer. To handle these small jobs, I devised a stand for my No. 5 Stanley jack plane.The plane rests upside down on two wood blocks that fit up between the ridges on the sides...
  • Q & A: Low-Angle Planes Provide Versatility

    by American Woodworker Editors     Thursday, March 21, 2013
    Q & A: Low-Angle Planes Provide Versatility Q: What advantage does a low-angle bench plane have over a standard bench plane? A: Low-angle bench planes allow you to change the blade’s effective cutting angle to suit specific tasks. Because the...
  • Plow Plane Revisited

    by AW-Editor     Sunday, May 11, 2008
    Here's really good news for all you hand tool enthusiasts: Lee Valley has added an updated version of the Record No. 044 plow plane to their line of Veritas hand planes. If you've searched eBay long and hard for a complete 044 (see Tool Nut, page...