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  • Tool News - DeWalt Precision Trim Saw Blades

    by American Woodworker Editors     Thursday, June 18, 2009
    DeWalt has just announced the launch of new precision trim blades for use with miter saws and table saws. The new precision trim saw blades are designed for high-end trim work including moldings, staircases, cabinets, windows, flooring, hand railings...
  • Tool News - Delta Premium Saw Blades

    by American Woodworker Editors     Tuesday, July 21, 2009
    As seen at AWFS, woodworking tradesman and professionals now have greater options when it comes to choosing high-quality saw blades. Delta Machinery has introduced a new line of premium full-kerf woodworking saw blades that feature practical blade enhancements...
  • Tool News - Top Saw Pocket Wrench

    by American Woodworker Editors     Monday, July 20, 2009
    If you're the kind of woodworker who prefers to get his or her wood not at the lumber yard, but in your own backyard, you might want to consider the Top Saw pocket wrench. The Pocket Wrench is a hand tool that has 8 tools in it to allow the user to...
  • Tool News - Forrest Manufacturing Chop Master

    by American Woodworker Editors     Wednesday, July 8, 2009
    Forrest Manufacturing has introduced the first blade in its new Signature Line of saw blades. The Signature Line Chop Master features more carbide teeth with new angles that produce a quieter cut and better splinter control with less effort. The new Signature...
  • Tool News - Rockler Taper Jig

    by American Woodworker Editors     Friday, July 17, 2009
    Rockler Woodworking and Hardware recently introduced the Taper/Straight Line Jig, a new dual-purpose jig for tapered cuts and straight line ripping. It sets up quickly and secures work pieces for safe angled cuts and easy rough lumber squaring. Most taper...
  • Tool News - Makita Plunge-cut Circular Saw and Guide

    by American Woodworker Editors     Tuesday, July 7, 2009
    Makita recently announced the launch of their new 6-1/2” Plunge Circular Saw (model SP6000K). The saw combines a powerful 12 AMP motor and a large cutting capacity with magnesium components for less weight and electronic speed control to maintain...
  • New Tools - Saw Systems Upgraded Motor

    by American Woodworker Editors     Monday, November 30, 2009
    Saw Systems has upgraded the saw motor on their line of panel saws. The manufacturer now uses a 15 amp, 3-1/4 HP Milwaukee saw motor with an enclosed dust/safety hood and clear view shield for viewing the saw blade. The motor can use either 7-1/4”...
  • Tool News - Porter-Cable Circular Saw

    by American Woodworker Editors     Thursday, April 15, 2010
    Porter-Cable just introduced its new heavy-duty 15 Amp Circular Saw (PC15TCSMK). The new lightweight circular saw (9.5 lbs) was designed based on feedback directly from the end user. The PC15TCSMK was developed with improved weight distribution and balance...
  • Tool News - Amana Black Mamba Blades

    by American Woodworker Editors     Monday, April 19, 2010
    Amana recently announced the expansion of its Mamba saw blade collection. Mamba blades feature a thin-kerf design that requires less horsepower and reduces stock loss, making the collection ideal for contractors. The new additions include blades for decking...
  • Tool News - Dremel Cordless Multi-Max

    by American Woodworker Editors     Friday, May 21, 2010
    Dremel has just announced a cordless version of their popular Multi-Max oscillating tool. It features the same versatility of the corded model with the added convenience of being cordless. The tool's high-performance motor and 12V Lithium-Ion battery...
  • Tool News - Bosch Glide Miter Saw

    by American Woodworker Editors     Monday, June 7, 2010
    Bosch recently announced their new 12" dual-bevel glide miter saw. The most striking feature of the saw is the axial-glide system, replacing the traditional sliding on rails design of previous sliding miter saws. The Axial-Glide system operates by...
  • Tool News - Delta 20" Scroll Saw

    by American Woodworker Editors     Tuesday, June 22, 2010
    Delta has returned to its heritage of scroll saw woodworking machines with the new 20" Variable Speed Scroll Saw (model 40-690). With electronic variable speed and upfront controls, the woodworking craftsman and hobbyist will find greater accuracy...
  • Tool News - Delta Melamine Saw Blades

    by American Woodworker Editors     Tuesday, June 22, 2010
    Delta just introduced its new line of four full-kerf melamine premium woodworking saw blades, practically eliminating the most frequent and costly problems in cutting melamine material – tear out and chipping – while sustaining longer blade...
  • Tool News - General International 14" Deluxe Band Saw

    by American Woodworker Editors     Wednesday, July 14, 2010
    General International recently introduced the new model 90-170 M1 Deluxe 14" wood cutting band saw. Featuring a one-piece heavy duty steel frame and dynamically balanced 14” cast-iron wheels, the new 90-170M1 offers a full 12” depth of...
  • Tool News - Forrest Manufacturing WoodWorker I Blades for Festool Saws

    by American Woodworker Editors     Monday, August 2, 2010
    Forrest Manufacturing recently announced that the company now offers two metric versions of its deluxe Custom WoodWorker I Blades for use on Festool plunge cut circular saws. These two Custom WoodWorker I Blades are especially suitable for joinery and...