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  • 3 Great Router Jigs

    by American Woodworker Editors     Friday, October 16, 2009
    Make your router a workshop workhorse. by Tim Johnson If you only use your router to rout decorative edges, you’re missing the boat. Your router can be the most versatile tool in your shop. The secret to unlocking your router’s potential is...
  • Tool Test - 12-in Sliding Compound Miter Saws

    by American Woodworker Editors     Tuesday, April 27, 2010
    by Eric Smith Lots of capacity, but at a cost. Prized by carpenters for its amazing versatility, a sliding compound miter saw is also great to have in a woodworking shop. The blade swivels for miter cuts and the head tilts for bevel cuts. To make compound...
  • Premium Resaw Bandsaw Blades

    by American Woodworker Editors     Tuesday, January 12, 2010
    Straight-cutting blades that won't let you down. by Dave Munkittrick A bandsaw is an amazing machine. It’s capable of making extremely precise cuts; from slicing sheets of thin veneer to cutting intricate curves. Yet many of us think of our...
  • 8 Great Reasons to Own a Plunge Router

    by American Woodworker Editors     Wednesday, September 16, 2009
    Plunge routers go where no other router can. by Seth Keller The plunge router deserves a place in every shop. Routing chores, such as mortising, stopped dados and inlay pattern work, are safer and easier to perform using a plunge router. Its unique base...
  • Random-Orbit Sanders

    by American Woodworker Editors     Wednesday, June 23, 2010
    How they work, how to choose the right one and tips for better results. by Richard Tendick Random-orbital sanders are terrific time-saving machines. They can remove milling marks left by a tablesaw, jointer or planer in no time flat. As simple as they...
  • Tune Your Bandsaw

    by American Woodworker Editors     Monday, March 15, 2010
    Tune Your Bandsaw 6 adjustments deliver professional results. By Mark Duginske I love bandsaws, even though they have a reputation as troublesome tools. I suppose that’s why I like them, because I enjoy investigating woodworking machinery. I’ve...
  • Choosing a Sliding Compound Miter Saw

    by American Woodworker Editors     Monday, April 26, 2010
    by Eric Smith Is it wise to super-size? Picking the right sliding compound miter saw can be a daunting task, because there are so many choices. The 12-in. saws have the most capacity. The 7-1/2-in. and 8-1/2-in. saws are the most portable. The 10-in....
  • Belt Disc Sanders

    by AW-Editor     Tuesday, September 2, 2008
    Acombination belt-disc sander is similar to a mid-round draft choice on an athletic team. It's not a priority purchase, like a tablesaw or planer, but it's valuable in a woodworking shop as a role player. It's two tools in one. The disc is...
  • Bowl Gouges

    by American Woodworker Editors     Thursday, October 22, 2009
    All you need to turn a gorgeous bowl is one fine tool. by Alan Lacer Bowl turning is a blast! Thanks to advances in lathes and tooling, lots of woodworkers have now discovered how fun it is to turn a hunk of green wood into a beautiful bowl. Start to...
  • Router Lifts

    by AW-Editor     Saturday, September 20, 2008
    For the serious router table user, the benefits of owning a router lift are huge. Strap a 3-1/4-hp variable-speed router into one of these lifts and you have a routing system that can't be beat for convenience, power and accuracy. With a router lift...
  • Slow-Speed Grinders

    by American Woodworker Editors     Friday, June 25, 2010
    These 10 machines are designed to save your tools from overheating: Do they measure up? by Tom Caspar and Jason McNellis If you love hand tools, chances are you’ll need a grinder. When a blade becomes very dull, chipped or nicked, grinding is the...
  • 6-in. Jointers

    by AW-Editor     Thursday, January 29, 2009
    jointer is a must-have for many woodworkers. Few can do without the smooth, straight edges and faces they get from their jointers. We tested twelve 6-in. floor models that sell for under $600. A 6-in. jointer will handle material up to 6-in. wide, the...
  • Tool Test Bandsaws

    by AW-Editor     Saturday, September 6, 2008
    You're about to be marooned on a desert island. You're allowed one power tool to take with you. Which would it be? My choice would be a bandsaw. After the router, a bandsaw is the most versatile tool in a woodshop. It can cut straight or curved...
  • Tool Test Bandsaws

    by AW-Editor     Sunday, September 14, 2008
    Same song, second verse. In our last issue, we tested 19 bandsaws that each cost less than $1,000 (AW #110, October 2004). This time, we're looking at the heavyweights in this class: saws that cost from $1,000 to $1,500. What you get is more power...
  • CAD for Woodworkers

    by AW-Editor     Thursday, September 4, 2008
    By Randy Johnson You don't have to spend much money to get a good computer-aided drafting (CAD) program for drawing woodworking projects. Fifty bucks will buy you a starter program that's easy to learn and use. For $150, you can get one with all...
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