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Sawing Rack


Sawing Rack

My shop is simply too small to cut full-size sheets of plywood on the tablesaw.After many a bitter battle using a circular saw to cut floppy sheet stock perched on sawhorses, I developed this handy rack for cutting those full-size sheets down to size.One side is designed for crosscutting while the other is used for ripping. The rack makes a sturdy platform for supporting the plywood while rough cutting with a circular saw.

To build the rack:Rip scrap 3/4-in.plywood to 3-in.Cut 1-in.-deep dadoes every 12-in. or so to create the half-lap joints.Assemble with glue so there are no metal fasteners to ruin a misguided blade.Topped with a sheet of plywood, the rack can also serve as an assembly table.