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Anyone out there interested in carving and sharing ideas and projects?


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bricofleur wrote re: carving
on 06-06-2009 8:19 PM

Hi wooljw,

I'm interested in wood carving but didn't tried it yet. I'm also interested in wood burning (pyrography). To start this late I have everything I need but to start carving I need to buy some carving tools. I may try this basic carving set from Lee Valley (long handle - item B)

Later I will buy the detail carving set, also from Lee Valley (long handle - item A)

I have few rough cut boards of basswood that I believe would be great for carving. I would like to practice and then be able to carve raised panel doors for my future projects.

Last year I ordered the two DVDs carving set from David Sabol and I find them very interesting and straight forward.

I also bought the sharpening DVD from Leonard Lee, also from Lee Valley, in which he gives great ideas and techniques on sharpening carving tools. He gave me lots of confidence in sharpening carving tools.

If you have experience in wood carving, you may want to give me your opinion on these future  purchases.