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Israeli Woodworkers to meet for the first wood extravaganza in the Galilee + Video


My friend Yehuda Levi heads the most successful Woodworkers and Woodturners internet forum in Israel. Unlike most internet forums were the activity is strictly limited to the web, the one that Yehuda leads steps out of the virtual world and actually facilitate members meetings, workshops and... recently the first egalitarian gathering of wood-lovers and wood makers from across the country.


The members of Tapuz Woodworkers and Woodturners forum (“Tapuz”= Orange in Hebrew) organized the first wood extravaganza in the history of modern Israel. Muli, one of the forum members, contributed his own woodshop for two days. An ad hock committee received proposals from forum members and elected few dozens presenters. Woodturners, woodcarvers, woodworkers, wood artists and even one rocking horses maker were invited to show their work to the public. They displayed their creations on makeshift tables inside and on the grounds of Muli’s wood-shop in Kibiutz Tuval in western Galilee.

Among the most interesting pieces you could find: wood-toys by Itsik Cohen, lathe work by David Nahari, wood sculpture by Salah Daud Al’isatt, Rocking horses by Roni Shalmoni,  furniture by Nathan Vanhof (a master woodworker and teacher). Rustic woodworking by Lhasa Peterson, and many many more talented wood-lovers.

The committee invited one blacksmith to join the event, and he demonstrated how a traditional nail is made (see the process in the video). In the video you can also see one of the participants, a guitar maker, who shows how he steam-bent a strip of wood for one of his beautiful guitars.

My friends Ofer Ringer made the video capturing the event. I new he is a gifted woodturner but apparently he is a budding cinematographer as well.




To see more pictures from the event please visit this link: