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Witchcraft in Toronto: making a magic wand for Halloween


I am currently in Toronto visiting friends. My friends' daughters are beyond excited to go trick or treating on Monday. Their Witch costumes are spectacular. But I noticed that there was one item missing to make the witch costume complete:  a magic wand. So, we went on a quest to find the right stick. Surprisingly, this took us no time at all. As we walked outside I noticed a short but nice stick that seemed to have fallen from the Oak tree on Cedar Ave. I took it into the kitchen and used a simple serrated knife to turn this short branch into a wand that little Audrey would love to have. I decided to carve a coil spiraling up the length of the wand. It took one minute. Once this was done I tied two stings on the wand: one became a handle and the other became the magic string that turned this simple stick into an awesome witch-crafting weapon. 

Follow how little Audrey utilized my latest creation to transform her little sister into a dog... Spooky..






Louis Toth wrote re: Witchcraft in Toronto: making a magic wand for Halloween
on 11-10-2011 5:19 AM

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