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Turned wood teapot, to be included in an upcoming show at the Fuller Craft Museum – Part 2


My last entry focused on the fortuitous way I found the raw material and tracked the design process. This time I will show how I created the teapot.

First, I glued together the remains of the shattered wood bowl with black epoxy.  I followed a similar  technique that archeologists utilize to reassemble historic ceramic objects.

Second, I made the teapot arm-base from laminated walnut. I asked my friend and frequent collaborator, metal-artist Leslie Hartwell, to create the copper & brass arm girder.

After all the pieces were assembled I hung the sugar lid by the arm and took a picture of the piece. 

I put the teapot in a box and took it to the gallery. What followed was a unique chain of events that I could have not anticipated. 

Read about what happened next in my third and final blog entry about the flash teapot to be posted in the next few days.