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Location: Grand Rapids, MI


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  • AW Extra 2/21/13 - Keepsake Box

    Keepsake Box Build them in bunches and avoid gift shopping this year. By Mac Wentz As the holidays approach, my thoughts turn to how I can weasel out of gift shopping. And this year I have the perfect scheme: While the malls are jammed with poor saps...
  • boxmaker65

  • Brass and Chrome Ice Cream Scoops

    This was a fun and easy project to do on the lathe. I got the idea from American Woodworker Magazine. I used Jobillo Wood on two of the scoops and Redheart Wood on the other one. I used Pure Tung Oil for the finish and I bought the scoops from Rockler...
  • keepsake box

  • Woodworking Projects

    Woodworking projects, tips, techniques, and plans from the editors and publishers of American Woodworker Magazine
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