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  • AW Extra 1/24/13 - How to Hang Inset Doors

    How to Hang Inset Doors Install butt hinges perfectly and establish consistent, slender margins. By Tim Johnson Nothing signals skillful craftsmanship like an inset door with elegant hinges and eye-pleasing margins. This challenging job leaves no room...
  • Dovetailed Step Stool

    Dovetailed Step Stool Three kinds of dovetails make it extra strong. By Frank Klausz After I finish a large commission, I like to surprise my client during the holidays with a gift—this sturdy kitchen stepping stool. Making one is a pleasure because...
  • Extra-Large Bandsaw Fence

    Extra-Large Bandsaw Fence By Jack Phillips I never throw anything away. Some day, I tell myself, the stuff in that neglected pile of junk will come in handy. I was right! I resurrected my old Craftsman tablesaw fence and turned it into a first-rate bandsaw...
  • Simple Lumber Maker

    I've turned my bandsaw into a mini sawmill with the help of one dirt-simple jig and a pair of extension tables. The jig is nothing more than a piece of plywood screwed to the log. It steadies the log when I cut the first slab and provides additional...
  • Toggle Clamp Sanding Block

    I made this quick-release sanding block from four pieces of 1/2-in. -thick birch plywood. The top three pieces are glued together. Wrap a quarter sheet of sandpaper around the bottom piece and slip on the top assembly. The toggle clamp (
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