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  • Choosing Hand Planes

    Choosing Hand Planes Match the size to the job — that's the key Hand planes come in a bewildering variety of sizes. Why are there so many? I’ll help explain this mystery by dividing the field into four groups, in order of size: block planes...
  • Solar Kiln

    Solar Kiln Dry Your Own Wood Fast and Hassle-Free By Dave Munkittrick Wood is expensive. And extra-wide or figured wood is practically beyond reach. Over the 25-plus years I’ve been a professional woodworker, wood seems to have taken a cue from...
  • Super-Smooth Poly Finish

    Super-Smooth Poly Finish A defect-free finish, even with a brush By Eric Smith Polyurethane is a tough, high-quality finish, ideal for tabletops and other surfaces that take a lot of abuse. But no matter how clean your finishing area or how good your...
  • Tapered Sliding Dovetails

    Tapered Sliding Dovetails Two jigs make a complicated joint ever so easy. By Luke Hartle The tapered sliding dovetail joint is one of the hallmarks of fine craftsmanship. But making it has made many craftsmen pull out their hair! I’ve made it simple...
  • Woodworking Shop

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