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  • AW Extra 7/12/12 - See-Through Chisel Holder

    See-Through Chisel Holder Here’s a chisel rack that protects those sharp edges and allows me to see the right chisel for the job at hand. The rack is easy to customize for any size chisels.Glue a 1-in.-wide strip of 1/2-in.-thick wood across a plywood...
  • AW Extra 8/16/12 - Sharpening Jig for Jointer and Planer Blades

    Sharpening Jig for Jointer and Planer Blades I’ve tried several different shop-made jigs for sharpening my jointer and planer knives but this one has proved the simplest to use and make. When making this sharpening jig it’s important to make...
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