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Joe Conforto
Location: Metairie LA.


Joe Conforto's Favorites

  • Draw Huge Arches

    This old boatbuilder’s trick allows you to draw large arches without using a giant compass or trammel. All you have to know is the arch’s height (also called its rise) and length (its run). You don’t need a center point. I like the long...
  • Tips for Mastering Featherboards

    Featherboards are like having an extra set of hands in the shop, going where no fıngers ever should. by Jock and Susan Holmen The featherboard gets its name from the rows of flexible “fingers” that act like a bird’s feather and give...
  • Tips for Mastering the Miter Saw

    Tips for Mastering the Miter Saw 14 Ways to Make Safe, Accurate Cuts with No Tear-Out by Tom Caspar At first glance, using a miter saw appears quite simple. But to get good results—that’s another story! Here are a handful of techniques and...
  • World's Best Routing Guide

    This simple guide guarantees success whenever you need to make a straight routing pass. It’s perfect for jointing a long edge or routing dadoes and grooves. You’ll get smooth, chatter-free results, thanks to the guide’s firm support...
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