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Steve Newman
Location: Logan County, Ohio


Steve Newman's Favorites

  • Dutchman on a budget

    Since I don't have a router inlay kit, but still needed to make a few dutchman style patches for a table i made, I went "old school'. I made a patch to fit the area I needed to cover from some 1/8" thick scraps of the same wood as the...
  • Hand plane's tale: Crash and rebirth

    Awhile back, I had won a Diamond Edge #6c handplane. It was kind of rusty, front knob was cracked, everything was in one piece, though.. However, when the box arrived at my front door... .something didn't look quite right. The front of the part came...
  • Old Floor boards= Blanket Chest

    Old Tongue and groove Pine floor boards from an old school house. Cleaned up, the T&G ripped off, left a lot of 3/4' x 3" vertical grain boards. Using a frame and panel construction, and raised panels, made a box for the Blanket chest. Raised...
  • Old Pin-nic Table

    That I re-cycled into a TV Table. I had about eight pieces of 2x6s from an old, non-treated Pin-nic table. I re-sawed some into useful pieces, cross-cut others into a top. The wood turned out to be redwood. The style requested was to be a "Mission...
  • Old water bed=new sofa table

    glue-ups, end view Top and bottom shelf added All the parts, but the plywood shelf from water bed frames, to this Which's Brew Walnut stain. Size is 16" wide(top) by 48" long, with the legs at 32" high. About a weekend's work.
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