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October 2014


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  • More turning

    Just a couple of other projects by "The Green Woodturner!!"
    Posted to bradley59 (Weblog) by bradley59 on 04-16-2009
  • Old lathe

    Hey Serge, heres a picture of my '62 lathe. You said"Nothing like seeing it."!! I say "Nothing like playing with it!" Regards,BB
    Posted to bradley59 (Weblog) by bradley59 on 04-16-2009
  • Green Wood Turner

    I recently inherited my grandfather's lathe. I really didn't know much about turning,and still don't! But I decided that experience would be the best way to learn. (As with most things.) After I got this "new"toy set up,I thought "Lets try it !" So I installed a one and one half inch square piece of wood and proceeded
    Posted to bradley59 (Weblog) by bradley59 on 04-16-2009
  • Wood Turning tools

    I've been a high end carpenter for the last 5 or 6 years.I've done some cool finish trim in multi-million $ homes in western Wyoming. I have recently inhereted my Grandfather's old wood turning lathe(A 1962 Craftsman!!) and the turning tools with it. I set up the lathe and it seems to work great! Problem is, all the tools are very dull.
    Posted to bradley59 (Weblog) by bradley59 on 04-09-2009
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