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October 2014


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  • Table saw safety

    The December/January issue of AM has articles about table saw guards and riving knives.Reading about these, I was reminded of an incident that happened to me this past summer that I thought was worth writing about. I was cutting stakes from 1x2 spruce lumber, using my table saw to make the ends pointed. As usual when doing this, I have done it many
    Posted to ebeday (Weblog) by ebeday on 11-06-2009
  • walnut lumber

    In recent issues of the magazine, American Woodworker, there have been articles and plans to build tables using Walnut lumber. The lumber pictured is red in colour, like the lumber i used in high school days in the 60's to make a coffee table for my parents home. Any Walnut lumber or veneer I have access to these days in black in colour. I am wondering
    Posted to ebeday (Weblog) by ebeday on 10-21-2009
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