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October 2014


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  • There's fickle and then you have silly

    At any given time there are a myriad of things going on inside the TKW and I can easily say that because there's no doubt in my mind it's a very fickle place. And, I suppose a casual onlooker would find meager interest in what was going on in there. I mean, let's say you're a Hobo living in a tent beside the shop and one day you stand
  • And Along Came Hunter

    And Along Came Hunter By Joe Johns Twisted Knot Woodshop , "There's never been a classier joint" I have a certain affection for people who are interested in learning and it doesn't matter to me what it is they want to learn but if it's woodworking then I'm especially interested. Sure, I could teach appliance repair with equal
  • Thompson's Water Seal and You

    If you've ever read the directions on a can of TWS you probably seen where it tells you not mix with paint. Now, I haven't tried it (yet) with paint (obviously it'd have to be oil-based paint) but yesterday I mixed it with solvent-based stain. I honestly don't know why I do things like this - I think it's because my mind wanders
  • Taming the Wild Exer-Saw

    Taming the Wild Exer-Saw By Joe Johns Yes, it was a crisp autumn day indeed, however there are few days where I would consider the weather severe enough to keep me from visiting my favorite shopping mall. And, since I rarely need an excuse, there are some days that scream out for a visit; like when my trash trailer is brimming. For me, shopping at the
  • What's a nice tool like you...

    What's a nice tool like you... ...doing in a place like this? That's a question I ask myself all the time. See, I attend four venues; auctions, I visit estate sales, I walk onto yard sales and I enter second hand stores - and I do each with equal enthusiam. Ours is a small valley and our newspaper comes out every Thursday - I'm certain they
  • No, I'm not touched in the head

    No, I'm not touched in the head Expand your woodworking vocabulary By Joe Johns I have a problem - see, when I get started on something and the further I get on it, especially if I'm having a good time with it, I really have a hard time putting it down. Ohh, I'm sure there's some dumb medical name for it but I don't care. Some of
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