By Tim Johnson

You don't need a dream shop to build this project.

Aside from feeding the occasional flock (whenís the last time you had eight dinner guests?), a big surface where you can spread things out is invaluable, for computing, writing, hobbies or for kidsí activities. A large table is the perfect gathering place for todayís open kitchens and great rooms, and you can build this one even if you donít have a dream shop with lots of huge machinery.

This table is made from white ash, a hardwood thatís beautiful, durable and affordable. The top floats on a base thatís built to last. Strong joinery between the legs and aprons is accomplished using an innovative and inexpensive commercial jig. Internal supporting rails are dovetailed to stiffen the structure, yet you can make and install them in minutes. And donít worry about the huge top. Iíll show you how to manage gluing it all together, but only after Iíve shown you how to edge-joint its long boards perfectly without using a jointer!


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