Farm Table, September 2000

MAKE ANGLED CUTS on the end of the rails, using a tenoning jig, with the blade height slightly less than the thickness of the mounting block. Then raise the blade and crosscut the mounting blocks at the same angle.

GLUE THE RUNNER in place after the first mounting block has been glued and screwed square to the apron. It’ll hold the rail at exactly the right height. The runner extends below the apron, just like the corner blocks.


LOCATE THE SHOULDER of the rail’s dovetail by using the mounting block. Then cut the shoulder square, keeping the blade low enough so it doesn’t cut into the dovetail.

CAPTURE THE DOVETAILED RAIL between the mounting blocks. After applying glue, set the rail on the runner and snug it against the first block. Then slide the second block tight against the rail and fasten it.

Dovetailed braces strengthen the base, support the top and keep the long aprons from bowing and twisting.

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