Farm Table, September 2000

MAKE HALF-ROUND molding for the aprons. Round the edges of 1/2-in.-thick stock with a 1/4-in. round-over bit. After routing, rip the stock into separate 1-1/4-in.-wide pieces.

ROUT SLOTS for the tabletop fasteners, using a 1/8-in. slot cutter (see Sources). Make a wider surface to support the router by clamping a second board to the apron.

One sheet yields both straightedges needed for jointing and squaring the top, as well as spacers and a work surface for jointing.

GLUE THE HALF-ROUND MOLDINGS to the aprons. Cut them slightly long and spring them between the legs, pressed against the corner blocks and runners that hang below the apron. They’ll stay in place while you reach for the clamps.

ATTACH THE BASE. Allow for seasonal movement of the top by using screws at the center of each short apron and support brace and S-shaped metal fasteners everywhere else (see Sources). To position the base for fastening, align centerlines drawn on each of its sides with corresponding lines drawn on the top. Then clamp the base in place.

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